Party mood and soulful music to dance and dream. That is what the members of SUNDAZE find in their music.

Strictly handmade, they create authentic music with groove and dynamism. They offer a broad repertoire of original compositions that encourage you to dance and sing along. The songs reach music enthusiasts of all ages.

As musicians they are as diverse as they are experienced – be it as members of well-known bands.  studio sessions musicians or though live concerts. Their music is inspired by many decades, combined with a lot of heart and soul. The balance is between modern and old. Pure joie de vivre!

Creating Content: Photographs, Visuals, Music Videos, Website creation; Design and Text


anderline GmbH
Goethestrasse 12
CH-8001 Zürich
+41 44 542 81 40
info [at] anderline [dot] ch