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We are anderline.|| We are more courageous.|| We are less complicated.|| We are more personal.|| We are different.||



We are anderline. We are different.

Communications agencies are like sand on the beach. In order not to be just another grain of sand among many, we’ve decided to be different, to stand out like the Pinctada margaritifera – to be special, to be courageous. We’ll walk through the mountains to find Edelweiss instead of just buying a bunch of tulips in a supermarket. We’d
prefer to risk falling flat on our faces whilst improving through learning, rather than not be noticed, stay safe and do nothing. We’re looking for an adventure in the Tasmanian rainforest instead of the spa in a five-star hotel. Do you share our passion?
If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Content creation

Content writing, film production,
creating photo images

Web- & Printdesign

We advise brands on strategy, experience,
design and communication

Social Media Account Management

We manage Social Media Accounts and build
active communities


We organise breathtaking events at the
highest level