"A Louse Runs Over Your Liver"

November 24, 2020

You're struggling to get out of bed, your morning coffee doesn't taste good and the traffic jam is particularly annoying today. It's not your day and you'd rather not run into anyone...

"What's gotten into you?"asks your colleague at work, causing you to become even grimmer. We have found out for you how mood is connected with the liver and what the louse is all about.

At Middle Ages many people believed that the Feelings of a person itself in the Liver were located. That is why this organ was associated with bad mood. Also the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) states when someone irritated is, he may have a Disharmony in the liver. Symptoms such as tension in the shoulder and neck area, hot hunger attacks, menstrual cramps or eye complaints can indicate liver problems.

Short detour: Did you know that exercise is specifically good for our liver? Especially if you move in the green. Because according to TCM, green is the color of the wood element, to which the liver belongs.
However, at the time of knights and castles, the saying was: "someone something ran over the liver". This "something" later became a louse, and the idiom thus acquired another meaning. The Louse is namely a small, barely visible Insect. That is why the idiom is also interpreted as meaning that something Unimportant or inconspicuous - like a louse - has put someone in a bad mood or makes them particularly irritable. Moreover, both words "louse" and "liver" begin with the same letter. This alliteration makes it easier, the idiom to be able to remember.