"I don't care"

April 12, 2021

No matter whether in summer at the Barbecue, at the Oktoberfest in the Beer tent or during halftime in the Football stadium - one thing must not be missing: The beloved sausage! It doesn't matter whether it's a bratwurst, currywurst or a wiener - it's all the same! everything sausage! We have researched the origin of this popular saying.

When we don't care about something, some of us like to say "I don't care." This Expression of indifference appeared very early. Already in the year 425 BC the Greek used Aristophanes this in a comedy. Because even in ancient times you eat much sausage.
When the old butchers and butchers did not knowwhat they do with the leftover meat start should, they have simply placed them in a Sausage processed.
This is how the aforementioned phrase came about for people who just don't know exactly what to do or for whom the Matter indifferent is.
But as with most idioms, there are various attempts at interpretation.
It would also be reasonable to assume that it is merely the Similarity which can be found at the Sausage at both ends shows. It doesn't matter at which end you cut.