What do small agencies do better?

January 31, 2024

David against Goliath - advantages of a small agency

While a large agency often has hundreds of employees, a small agency usually only employs a few dozen. However, this also has an impact on the way the agency works and the benefits it offers.

1. personal and customized support

One of the biggest advantages of a small advertising agency is the personal support. Since the agency is small, it can take intensive care of each customer and offer individual solutions. This often means that the relationship between agency and client is closer and more intimate.

2. greater flexibility

Another advantage is the flexibility of a small agency. As it has fewer employees, who then work with all their heart and soul for a client, it can react more quickly to changes and implement projects in less time. Of course, this is also thanks to a network of freelancers who can help with resource problems. The benefit for the customer is that they always have the same contact person.

3. better cost efficiency

A small agency also has the positive effect that it generally works more cost-efficiently than a large agency. As it has fewer employees and lower overhead costs, it can offer its services at more favorable prices.

4. high specialization

An additional advantage of small agencies is that they are often specialized and have in-depth expertise in certain areas. This specialization enables them to develop particularly creative and effective solutions.

In conclusion, a small advertising agency offers advantages over a large agency due to its personal service, flexibility, cost efficiency and specialization. However, companies should consider both the advantages and disadvantages when choosing their agency and ensure that the chosen agency meets their requirements and is able to successfully implement their advertising campaigns.

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