Top 3: Royalty-free music databases (CC0)

03 July 2020

Some time ago we already told you about our Top 5: Databases for licensefree pictures (CC0) presented. In this post we would like to very briefly present our favorite providers of royalty-free music in the vastness of the Internet.


1. YouTube

The fact that dozens of years of film material are uploaded to YouTube worldwide every day is outrageous, but nevertheless not very surprising when you consider how many (hobby/amateur) filmmakers cavort on the popular video platform. What the general public doesn't know, however, is that YouTube provides its creative creators with a number of useful tools to enable them to publish videos diligently and with increasing quality. One of these is the so-called audio library. In this library you can find tons of royalty-free music of the best quality. And almost all of them are subject to the CC0 license.


2. facebook

The social media giant Facebook is also showing considerable interest in enabling its users to produce high-quality content. On the so-called Creator Studio under the "Sound Collection", creative people can give free rein to their musical desires and download any music file provided and reuse it in their projects. According to Facebook, all tracks are subject to the Creative Common license and can therefore be integrated without credits.


3. pixabay

Yes, Pixabay actually offers not only wonderful free stock images for free. No, the platform also offers a decent selection of royalty-free music. Pixabay lives the principle of free copyright use through and through. A fantastic site, we think!