"Pulling the wool over someone's eyes."

29 June 2020

Fooling, swindling, telling the untruth - all well-known synonyms for lying to someone. To lead someone by the nose is also a common expression and makes perfect sense on a symbolic level. But why do we tie up someone's Bears on? We got to the bottom of it....

And there are - as almost always several Explanatory approaches. One of the most likely, however, is that the phrase is rooted in the Germanic language. The original syllable 'beren' (load/carry ... tie on/attach) was used at a later stage due to lack of language skills as a Bear interpretedwhich, however, also did not produce a clearly understandable statement. Since the vernacular still could not explain the idiom, without further ado quite a few Stories and anecdotes invented, to make the emergence explainable. One possible one is the one the hunter and the hostOne evening, the latter welcomed a group of hunters in his inn. They enjoyed themselves and consumed food and drink in excess, only to have to explain to the poor innkeeper that they had not even eaten anything. no money possess in order to to be able to pay. However, after prolonged persuasion, the shrewd huntsmen managed to get the host to agree to a Accepting bears as a pledge. Only after the hunters had already sought the distance, the host noticed his bad exchange and fagte himself, what he is supposed to do with a live bear in the first place.

Granted: Maybe not the most plausible explanation, but still entertaining, we think. 😉