How to design successful mailings: 5 professional tips

November 06, 2023

Successful mailings: 5 professional tips

As a company or brand, you naturally want to inform your customers and interested parties about new products, promotions or company-related news in the best possible way. Professional mailings are an important tool for this. But how do you design newsletters that really inspire readers? Here are 5 tips for more impact:

1. the subject line is crucial

Many readers decide whether or not to open an email based on the subject line alone. Arouse curiosity with a concise core statement, an interesting promise or even a specific question. Avoid standard phrases such as "News from us" or "January newsletter".

2. structure and layout

Structure the content with meaningful subheadings and paragraphs. Use bold/italics for emphasis. A professional design with logo and CI elements ensures recognition. Images, icons and other visual elements add interest.

3. storytelling: telling stories

Reports and facts can be packaged in an exciting way. Use storytelling elements to draw readers in. For example, describe specific examples, scenarios or anecdotes about your products. 

4. use appealing formulations

Avoid a matter-of-fact B2B style. Write as if you were speaking directly to a friend. The reader does not want to feel like they are reading a dry data sheet.

5. stimulate interaction

Ask questions or encourage an exchange, e.g. by asking for feedback or testimonials. This will make your readers feel more valued and stay positively connected to you.

Try out these tips for your next mailing and see how your readers react. With the right mix of relevant content, creative preparation and a personal approach, you can create the perfect newsletter mailing!


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