What are CI and CD and how do they ensure a brand image?

December 12, 2023

CI and CD - how do they ensure a successful brand image?

A clear and consistent presentation is essential in order to be perceived as a brand and to position yourself. The terms "corporate identity" and "corporate design" describe two important levers for achieving this. But what exactly are they and how can you make the best use of CI and CD?

What are corporate identity and corporate design?

Corporate identity (CI) encompasses the entire visual and communicative representation of a company. From the logo and slogan to the font and color scheme - all elements shape the perception of the brand.

Corporate design (CD) refers specifically to the design guidelines derived from the CI. For example, the CD determines where and in what size the logo is used or which color codes are used.

To summarize: The CI forms the identity, the CD translates this into a uniform visual concept.

Why are CI and CD so important?

A coherent CI/CD concept is essential for several reasons:

  • Recognition: Customers associate the CI with your brand and remember it better.
  • Differentiation: A distinctive visual identity sets you apart from the competition.
  • Credibility: A consistent appearance looks professional and trustworthy.
  • Efficiency: CD guidelines facilitate the efficient implementation of communication tools.
  • Employee loyalty: The CI creates internal identification.

How to create the perfect CI/CD strategy

To fully exploit the potential of CI and CD, three aspects are crucial:

  1. Analyze yourself and your target group carefully before you define the CI.
  2. Derive all design guidelines clearly from the CI.
  3. Ensure that the CI and CD are implemented consistently and over the long term.

With a well thought-out CI/CD concept, the brand impact can be significantly increased. Let your identity come into its own!


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