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Dog Promotion

The promotions agency with over 20 years of experience surprises again and again with spectacular performances. Events, marketing, sponsorship and promotion are among the core tasks of Dog.   In the promotion area, Dog offers everything, from Sales, Sampling, or Flyers to POP and bar-to-bar promotions everything is covered, and this across all of Switzerland.

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Underdog – the otherdog

‘Underdog the otherdog’ is the name of a project by two creative agency owners from Zurich and a top chef from Berlin. Together they reinterpreted the hot dog. Innovative creations and taste explosions. The breads, a bun filled from above ‘closed’ with a croquette top. These dogs are filled with Züri Geschnetzeltem, burgers, vegan vegetable sausages or the special ´dog´ sausage. There is also soup dog in bread with seasonal soup recipes. Only seasonal and regional ingredients are used. Bread, meat and cheese are sourced from local produces, because regional and seasonal values are of upmost importance. You can expect first-class fast food. 

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