We are anderline. We are different.

Creative agencies are a dime a dozen. In order not to remain a grain of sand among many, we have decided to be braver than all the others. We don't want to be a grain of sand, but a Pinctada margaritifera. We hike through the mountains to find edelweiss instead of buying a bunch of tulips at the supermarket. We'd rather fly off the handle and get better by learning than not be noticed and stand still. We seek adventure in the Tasmanian rainforest, not in the spa of a five-star hotel. You have the same aspirations as we do? Then you've come to the right place.

Lern uns kennen

Co-founder. Industry expert. Promotions agency owner.
Positive crazy idea generator.
Always working on the next projects.

Co-founder. Stylish copywriter.
Stress Resistant Event Expert.
Tough negotiator. Passionate bon vivant.

Filmmaker. Graphic eye.
Successful journalism graduate.
Enthusiastic yoga novice with ambitions.

Graphic designer. Accurate. Speedy Gonzales.
Sometimes a little rock, sometimes a little roll.

Musician and producer. Sound engineer and speaker. Wellness fan and sports muffler.
In collaboration with event ag
Sound engineer for the unsolvable cases.

Actual agency manager. Great singing and barking talent. Crafty food procurer. Responsible for company health management.

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