We are anderline. different.

Creative agencies are a dime a dozen. In order not to remain a grain of sand among many, we have decided to be braver than all the others. We don't want to be a grain of sand, but a Pinctada margaritifera. We hike through the mountains to find edelweiss instead of buying a bunch of tulips at the supermarket. We'd rather fly off the handle and get better by learning than not be noticed and stand still. We seek adventure in the Tasmanian rainforest, not in the spa of a five-star hotel. You have the same aspirations as we do? Then you've come to the right place.

Get to know us

anderline kreativagentur zuerich team2022 nici

Stylish copywriter.
Stress Resistant Event Expert.
Badass negotiator.
Passionate about life.

anderline kreativagentur zuerich team2022 donat

Industry insiders.
Promotions Agency Owner.
Positive crazy idea generator.
Always working on the next projects.

anderline kreativagentur zuerich team2022 dani

All-round graphic designer.
Creative Content Creator.
Passionate Project Manager.
Always in the thick of things instead of just being there.

anderline kreativagentur zuerich team2022 riva

Actual agency head.
Great singing or barking talent.
Cunning food procurer.
Responsible for occupational health management.

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